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Phlebotomy With EKG Certification Workshop  $400
  • One day hands-on basic phlebotomy National certification with basic EKG training workshop.
  • Proven to provide you with the proper and necessary skills used in the field of phlebotomy and basic EKG.
  • Designed not to require a lot of your time and money.
  • Covers all important skills and techniques used in phlebotomy and basic EKG.
  • For the serious individual who wants to learn the latest safety techniques and enhance their skills from previous training.



      The Medical2 Phlebotomy Workshop is open to those who are at least 18 years of age high school diploma or GED,medical background.For questions call 877-741-1996 or email

        We consider a medical background to be that of,

    • Medical/Healthcare-related courses that you may have taken or are currently taking. You need not have fully completed these courses nor earned a degree/certificate/or license, in order to be eligible to attend our workshop.
    • Actual field work, on the job training, internships/externships, home health care, etc.
    • Volunteering in a medical/healthcare setting.

    This is an intense one day, hands-on Phlebotomy with EKG seminar. All aspects of basic phlebotomy and EKG are covered, including:

    • Needle/Syringe draws
    • evacuated systems
    • Finger sticks
    • Pediatrics
    • Heel sticks
    • Blood smears
    • Butterfly needles
    • How to setup and perform EKG
  • This Seminar is designed to teach the serious individual how to draw blood, from the ground up. It is a 1-day, 100% hands-on seminar, which is held on a Saturday or Sunday, typically running for approximately 8 hours. Our seminar does not consist of book work or written exams. Our "exams" are practical examinations. Before these practical's, all participants will be taught the proper handling, and concept of the procedure in which to be performed. You then proceed to the practice area, and finally will prove competency on our specially designed manikins and live draws. The Manikins were designed to simulate the human anticubital region (the primary area for venipuncture) as accurately as possible, all the while providing a simulated "blood return", for better understanding and reinforcement of the procedure for the participant. Upon successful completion of the Workshop, the participant will receive a national certification.

    Fee :  $400 includes all workshop matrial.

  • Notice- Medical2 does not provide nor guarantee jobs.

  • . We provide CE Hours and skill enhancement services only. Continuing Ed Providers "Provider approved by the California board of Registered Nursing" License Number:15509,

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